Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dream List

1) Watch movies which help my dreams and goals.

2) Become a great Negotiator.

3) My Mission Statement in Life: To Keep myself Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Humorous.

4) Have a Team of 100 Best Friends. It may be from my friends, family, children, brothers, sisters, relatives etc.

5) Give Best Gift to my Mom and Dad: Give them time, money and resources whenever they want, build a dream house for them and teach my dad how to drive a car, and give car as a gift.

6) Become Perfectionist in Few Areas: People Skills, Mindset, Business, Execution, Great Health, Great Lifestyle, Independence and Interdependence.

7) I want to become a great problem solver to keep myself Happy, Handle all types of situations. Read and Implement, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Living 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Read and Implement, The 3rd Alternative.

8) Help passionate people to setup own Business: Help may be in the form of Money, Mentorship, Motivation etc. Without taking anything in return.

9) Write a book on success: This is going to be my first book on success after I have achieved some of my dreams and goals. It may be on my first successful business, Autobiography or Humor.

10) Travel India by Road: Buy a Best Car and Drive through Road with Family and See complete India.

11) Live a successful social life: To have a Best Tribe to Live a Successful Social Life. To Help each other. Live together.

12) Spiritually Strong Person : Complete understanding of Body, Mind and Soul. Form a complete connection between mind, body and soul.

13) Best utilization of all tools which i possess: I have many tools with me some of them are Education, Physical health and My Skills.

14) Create a New Habit for Every 21 Days: Listening to a positive audio book everyday in morning. Walk 30 Minutes in a day. Doing exercise daily to keep myself Active and Energetic.

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